Did Someone Say “Adventure”?

Q. You’re young. You’re not tied down. Thought about picking up and going somewhere to work or serve for a couple years? You know, an adventure?

A. Short answer: Hells yeah! I’ve looked into being an overseas missionary; peace core; moving to a completely random town; going back to college somewhere over the rainbow.

The reason I haven’t? I don’t need to go somewhere to have an adventure. Everything that makes me happy is right here. I have a job where I help people, it’s challenging, and I work with fabulous people. My family is here and they provide the best kind of support I could hope for. I have friends who care, a roommate who is responsible and amazing. It’s not perfect but it’s everything I’ve asked God for. Why would I leave that? Adventures typically provide insight into who we are and help us grow in areas where we are weak, I consider myself extremely fortunate because I have all that right where I’m at. Moving would be an adventure and I may pick up and move far away someday, but when I do it will be because it was time to move, not just because “I can”.

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  1. Kolebee

    As I examine my own life and how I would like to shake it up and challenge myself, I wonder if going on an adventure is the right move. On one hand, yes, while young and tied down the timing is perfect to go and do something. On the other hand, I think it may be more difficult to stay here and live the life I want to live. It’s easy to run away and make big changes than it is to stay where you are and make big changes. Either way, there are pros and cons. Perhaps the issue at hand is not “Should I stay or should I go?” but “What am I doing with where I am at?”
    Thanks for taking the question and for sharing your answer.