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The Finer Points of Procrastination

Q: Why do people procrastinate?

A: To adequately answer this question I have procrastinated writing this blog all day long. Typically I like my blogs to be written the night before I post (which is Monday & Thursday just fyi) but for this topic, this question, this Monday, I decided to delve in deep.  Now you may be wondering just what are my qualifications for this post? Well, last night instead of blogging, I went to a fabulous little place on 5th St. in Eugene and ate pizza and watched a cute little bluegrass band, I then proceeded to watch several episodes of Battlestar Galactica (the new 2001 episodes) until time for sleep. Typically when I don’t get a blog posted by the end of the previous night I’ll finish it during lunch of that day. Today? I ate lunch. Peanut Butter and Jelly has never tasted so good. Surely I would finish it up right after work then right? How about more Battlestar Galactica instead while drawing little doodles on a page I titled, The Art of Procrastination. By the end of an episode I was still clinging to a few minutes of freedom by doing basic household chores. I haven’t been this productive in a long time.

So what have I learned?

Procrastination is a fine blend between laziness, drama, and lack of general ideas. Typically you’ll see it come on in stages. Stage One: sheer laziness. You look into the future and say there’s plenty of time and the project is really not that difficult. (“I can write the blog during lunch, no problem!”).  Once the deadline approaches it shifts from laziness to a rush of drama. Stage Two: we all love drama. We love the thrill of beating a clock. For some unknown reason we feel empowered when we race against time and win. Because of this we set up situations for us to feel this drama. (“As long as I write the blog right after work there will still be a lot of Monday left!”) Once the laziness and the drama have subsided and you sit down to your project the last part of procrastination hits. Stage Three: you have no idea how to continue in this project. You finally sit down, or stand up, or assume whatever position you need to be in for your project, and the ideas just aren’t there. (There is a fabulous little doodle of a unicorn on my Art of Procrastination Page).  For the general population these are the three main phases of procrastination and their reasons. Many people will also progress to a panic stage, but I view that more as a revisitation of the drama phase.

For next Thursday: Sola Scriptura: What Does That Even Mean?  Also I am in need of more questions, so even if you’ve already submitted one, please feel free to keep them coming!



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