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I Blog Therefore I Am

Q: Hi, I’m not trying to be rude by any means, but it seems to me that blogs are mostly self-centered in nature. Not yours in particular, but blogs in general. They (and Facebook statuses, twitter, etc.) are based on the premise that someone has something important to share that everyone else wants to hear. I think blogs in particular show this because they generally are a place to express your philosophy on the word. I’m not saying you are in this camp but my question is- why do you write a blog?

A: First off, I loved this question and secondly, I am entrenched in the camp of people who believe what they have to say should be shared. My blog is literally based off the idea that someone out there has a question they would like me to answer, and it sports photographs I had someone take of me specifically so I could look cool online. Please trust that I do not believe to be fooling anyone, I’m as self-centered as every other blogger/twitterer/Facebooker out here. It’s something we all have in common due to the vulnerable nature of writing, there needs to be a level of confidence before posting and often comes hand-in-hand with a pride in our own knowledge. All that being said, I do appreciate your respectful phrasing in asking your question.

So, why do I write a blog? I believe someday I want to be a writer. Not just a blogger, a writer. I have dreams and aspirations of a day when I truly will have original content meaningful enough to be shared with the masses in print. When that day comes I wish to have the skills already in place to write well. This is how blogging fits in, I currently do not have the time or energy to come up with said original content, but still need a platform to practice writing and to find topics people enjoy reading. All of this is in preparation of the day when lightning strikes and an idea is formed in my head that was not there previously.

A secondary reason for blogging would have to be due to my preferred communication style. I enjoy the written word because it allows me to view my thoughts before sharing them. It is easier to express my ideas on a topic when I can form the words around it and edit the piece until it says what I believe to be appropriate. Speaking can be a challenge to me because I believe the words we use carry weight and I never want to burden someone with unnecessary or thoughtless words. With the weight of the spoken word on the forefront of my mind, I appreciate the freedom I find in the written word. It allows for me to process and view and edit my words before I send them out which gives me more confidence in what I am saying.

Thirdly, and lastly, writing is more permanent. Spoken words can be forgotten at the drop of a hat, but a written word has the ability to be rediscovered. This blog is already a sort of time capsule of my thoughts and conviction on different topics such as the Word. This can be an extremely helpful tool as I grow and mature in all matters as it allows me to go back and see how and why I felt a certain way about a given topic. I reserve the right to change as I grow, but this blog will have these words regardless. There is a certain mix of comfort and uneasiness with the idea of permanence, comfort in they will always be available for further reflection, uneasiness because the written word carries just as much weight (if not more) as the spoken word. Inevitably I will place my proverbial foot in my mouth when blogging but the hope those times will be few and far between. I also hope those instances will be humble reminders to be careful with my words.

Thanks for the fabulous questions everybody! I know I have not been as diligent in blogging as promised, but I hope to turn it around and at least get one solid blog out per week and on lucky weeks two blogs. Please feel free to keep the questions coming, I could use some easy questions so I can continue to update my easy answer page if anyone out there is up for it. Thanks for reading, and for next week: Religiosity to Keep Up Appearances.


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Did Someone Say “Adventure”?

Q. You’re young. You’re not tied down. Thought about picking up and going somewhere to work or serve for a couple years? You know, an adventure?

A. Short answer: Hells yeah! I’ve looked into being an overseas missionary; peace core; moving to a completely random town; going back to college somewhere over the rainbow.

The reason I haven’t? I don’t need to go somewhere to have an adventure. Everything that makes me happy is right here. I have a job where I help people, it’s challenging, and I work with fabulous people. My family is here and they provide the best kind of support I could hope for. I have friends who care, a roommate who is responsible and amazing. It’s not perfect but it’s everything I’ve asked God for. Why would I leave that? Adventures typically provide insight into who we are and help us grow in areas where we are weak, I consider myself extremely fortunate because I have all that right where I’m at. Moving would be an adventure and I may pick up and move far away someday, but when I do it will be because it was time to move, not just because “I can”.

For later: Surprise interview questions! (also, I’m in desperate need of questions and would love for my inbox to be flooded with questions, so go click on the questions page and hit me up!)

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Let’s Lighten Up the Mood: Do Blondes Really Have More Fun?

Q: So I have a question for you…Since you have sported many hair colors, do blondes really have more fun? 😉

A: For the first 22 years of my life I was a solid strawberry blonde (emphasis on the blonde). It was good times and it served me well, but after all those years of fabulous natural color, I decided to shake things up a bit. So here is a chronological time post of hair color versus fun-having.

Firetruck red
Age 0-4 or 5ish: This was an amazing time of life. OK, so I don’t remember a lot of what went down around that age, but I don’t remember anything tragic, which is a pretty good sign. I like to believe this color started me out right in life. Home videos have me smiling, dancing, and singing throughout, and all my childhood photos have me shyly smiling into the camera like I have some fabulous secret no one else knows about. That secret was, red hair is a guaranteed sassy, classy, and downright bodacious good time.

Strawberry Blonde
Age 6-22yrs: I had a hard transition into being a blonde. Being low on school friends throughout elementary and middle school made the beginning of the blonde tough. While I can’t place all the blame on my hair changing colors, I definitely see a correlation. All the ‘popular’ girls in those years typically had brown hair and were rude, having been a sassy red-head for most of my life I didn’t take kindly to them and gave them plenty of lip, thereby causing me to be unpopular. In high school I fully embraced my blonde roots and gained new friends who supported my blonde side. These were fun times.  I learned quickly how a good haircut paired with a good bang day (ladies you know what I mean) the world could be your oyster. People naturally thought me to be funny and easy to be around. I like to thank the hair for that.

Dark Brunette
22-23yrs: It was a time in my life for new beginnings and getting a drastic color change was just what the doctor ordered. I spent approx 3/4 of a year as a dark brunette and had a great time. I found people naturally assumed I was smart and trendy. One of the most interesting things I found is how many more first date requests I received as a brunette than as a blonde. I’m not really sure why (boys are weird), but it was definitely the case. This could be construed as a tipping point for brunettes to have more fun, but first dates are generally just ridiculous. In my experience first date stories are more fun to tell than to live through (but that is a whole other blog post).

23-current (almost 24): This has been my favorite so far. I have the best of all worlds with auburn hair. I have the sassyness of the red, the smarts of the brunette, and the fun times of the blonde highlights. I also had a wonderful hairdresser who completely “gets” how to do hair color (and magnificent bang trims!) which helps beyond words. This color attracts the right kind of attention. Women typically ask me where I get my hair done and the color lets them think I’m trendy, guys think its attractive, and professionally I look like I know what I’m talking about with such a smart color!

In the end, perhaps a majority of blondes have more fun, but fun is to be had in every hair color. It just depends on what kind of fun you’re looking to have.


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Where do you see yourself in five years?

Q: Where do you see yourself in five years?

A:  This was one of the first questions asked on here, and I’ve held off on it because it’s taken me a few weeks to even think about what five years can do to a person. And the answer is a lot. Five years are a long time for a determined person with goals, am I one of those people? To begin with I’m a 23-year-old single white female with a B.S. in Biblical Studies who works as a doctor’s assistant at an eye clinic.  Do I want to be this person when I’m 28? Parts of it yes. I intend to continue being a white female and I don’t think they would take my degree away. As for the rest, a change would do me good. As for what kind of changes, I’m not entirely sure.

There are two controversial dreams for my five-year plans. The first involves me becoming a Mrs. and perhaps children. The idea of children is still slightly terrifying and a new concept for me. At my current job I work with children of all ages and dispositions and have found that kids are actually pretty fabulous and the concept of having one of my own is becoming more feasible. Suburban housewife would look good on me, but it’s been done. I want my life to involve much more than a nuclear family. The second dream is to remain single yet wonderful. In this world I’m an expert in my field (whatever that may be) and I own my home and have two dogs that sleep on my bed with me. We travel the world doing really helpful things for people, and if possible involves public speaking in some way. This appeals to me mainly because I’m prone to be a workaholic. I love being busy and being a part of something bigger than myself and having a family can interfere with that (depending on the family it could also help). The idea of staying single appeals to me though because I’ve been practically single my whole life and I honestly enjoy it a lot. In the past whenever I’ve dated someone I lose myself in the relationship and I don’t like that person as much as I do the confident sassy woman I am currently.

In actuality the future will be some weird inbetween place. One thing I do know for certain is in five years I want to be in a community that needs me as much as I need them, and I want to be exactly where God wants me. The hard part is figuring out where that is.

—-Monday’s blog: Why do people procrastinate? Want your question answered? Go the the What’s your Question? page.


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