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Interview questions

Q. We’re playing Truth or Consequence. It lands on me. You get to ask me one Truth question. What would you ask? The “me” in this question can be any one of the following, though you must specify before answering. 1. Me 2. Uriah 3. Jesus 4. Wormwood

A. I’m going to give you a deal since you have waited so patiently for me to answer, I’m going to give you my questions to all four options. However, because the tables are turned and now I get to ask the questions, you the readers get to try to answer them in the comments!

1. Me (as in my readers because I never publish who the author of the questions are): How often do you enjoy your favorite blogs to be updated and on what days of the week?

2. Uriah (as in the guy from the Bible who was married to Bathsheba before David had him killed in the army): Did you have any idea what was going on between David and Bathsheba, and if you did would you have done anything different?

3. Jesus (as in the savior of my soul?): How do you love people so much and how can I love like that?

4. Wormwood (as in the demon being mentored in C.S. Lewis Screwtape Letters): Do you remember what life was like before you fell and became a demon?


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