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Why I do (and don’t) believe in Soul Mates

Q: Do you believe in soul mates?

A:  A lot of different beliefs are braided into the idea of a soul mate.  In order to believe in soul mates, as in there is only one perfect person out there for everyone, there has to be a belief in destiny. For soul mates to truly happen, there has to be a bigger plan than just wandering around on the earth for the sake of wandering around. There also needs to be an entity or force in charge of creating two perfectly compatible people. Following this logic, it is also required for a specific purpose or reason for these two people to be together in the first place, otherwise the planning involved in creating a soul mate would simply be a micro-management of people. Last but not least, with all the planning involved there would need to be a plan of how these two people would meet. Why create one soul in two bodies if they’re never going to have a chance to meet? It would be pointless. I believe in soul mates on the grounds that there is an entity far superior to my being, who has prepared and planned not only a perfect mate for me, a time for me to meet them, and a reason for coming together. Without all these elements, having a soul mate would be pointless and therefore a moot point.

As a Christian my faith gives a foundation for all criteria to be met. I believe God has a plan for this earth and I am somehow involved in this plan (albeit in a small way) and He has taken the time to see His plan carried out. This may or may not allow for me to find a soul mate, His plan might involve me being single the rest of my life, in which case I am my own soul mate I suppose. If however His plan involves me meeting someone, this person will meet me at the right time for us to come together and carry out His purpose on this earth.

While some who read this will disagree with my Christian background, I want to point out the question was directed to my personal belief, and Christianity is not on trial here, my views on soul mates is. Loved how challenging this question was, please keep the questions coming!



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