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Should Boys Wrestle Girls?

Q. Should boys wrestle girls?

A. Some girls like to wrestle boys. This can be seen in The United States Girls Wrestling Association‘s motto, “The Future of Wrestling”.   Are girls really the future of wrestling? According to a New York Times recent article, “more than 6,000 girls competed in high school wrestling” in the 2009-2010 school year; compare that to 270,000 boys who wrestle and it comes out to about 2% of wrestlers being girls.  After Iowa’s state wrestling match, where a young man refused to wrestle against a girl due to religious beliefs even though he was favored to go far in the tournament, everyone in the sports nation seems to be asking the question (as well as my readers apparently) should boys wrestle girls? Well it would appear that in most states women have the choice to wrestle competitively and they know what they are getting into. Those who don’t want to wrestle won’t, and those who do will take the risk.

For the men they may compete against, here is a flowchart to help you make your decision:



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