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Youtube Scandal

Q: I’ve got a good question for your readers that they may or may not be aware of: What are your feelings about Alexandra Wallace, recent infamous YouTube star who posted a rant directed towards Asians? The forceful backlash? Have you experienced seeing a lot of Asians talking on their cell phones in libraries? Video in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FNuyDZevKrU

My favorite response video *caution there is an extremely catchy song*

A. Privileged people sometimes have a hard time knowing when to be quiet. One of the biggest crimes our generation commits is when we open our beautifully polished lips and express a sentiment as if everyone should hear the literal crap that is coming out of our mouths. With social media running rampant we are constantly believing every thought we have should be shared with a collective group of people in an effort to have our views affirmed by the masses. Since we have the ability to speak to the masses why wouldn’t we try to gain confirmation and support from them? It feels good to know people are out there and listening. Even as I blog this, it is nice to know I have friends and family and support from random readers.  Unfortunately for Alexandra she forgot how the pendulum can just as easily swing from support and admonition to disgust and loathing. Equally humbling is how these feelings can be just as passionate from both sides of the pendulum. One day she was fabulous and a young YouTube star, and now she is leaving college because she has alienated herself from a large population of people.

As we have all seen from Avenue Q, Everyone’s a Little Bit Racist sometimes. So why the sudden backlash? How many times have you, the readers, seen an asian talking on their phone in a library? Honestly, I can’t think of a single time that has happened to me. I see white people doing it all the time. Regardless of race, it is annoying when people are so blatantly rude in public places. The backlash experienced by Alexandra was due to several factors, 1. she overestimated how many of her viewers would agree with her, 2. she mistook differences in how the culture respects family with being dependent on family for basic needs and 3. she is not nearly as funny as she hoped to be. Typically when you see famous comedians making racial jokes they make them about themselves and their own culture, and if they pick on another culture they do so with an understanding of their culture and emphasize something in it. They do not make fun of them for something that is actually really awesome about their culture.

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